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SWAN LAKE(15-48) ╠∞╢∞║■ú¿15-48ú⌐   27i

Beyond the Image

QX Wang aka Da Ze Ren

provides the public with an unusual view of art. Free from the confinement by the image, the artist could be able to move freely around the image, treat it with wits and humor as what ancient scholars meant by “aloft beyond the image” and “forget the shape for the meaning”.

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OX STORYú¿19-116ú⌐ ┼ú╡─╣╩╩┬ú¿19-16 ú⌐

Oct 16 - Nov 30

Beyond The Image

2020 QX Wang Recent Work

Now Online

Seacoast - Shiou-ping Liao

Virtual Exhibition


Feb 1, 2020

Lunar New Year  

Art Performance

2019-house of the rising sun 1-oil on ca

Oct 24 - Nov 15, 2019

Autumn Group Exhibition


August 9, 2019

Wine & Art 

Summer Gathering

Now Online

Emerging from Oblivion

Howard Gross

Now Online

Dr Shiling Zhou - Special Edition of Calligraphy

winter wonderland.jpg

Dec 16 - Jan 31, 2019 / 2020

Winter Wonderland

Art Exhibition

T005 Heaven and Earth 天方地圆.jpg

September 10, 2019

Asia Art Week 2019


I033 Free Will - At Ones Wish 1 观自在.jpg

June 16 - Sept 21, 2019

The Infusion of Ink & Clay

Xiangdong Chen

Now Online

Earth Matters - Stephen Hall

Virtual Exhibition

Now Online


Virtual Exhibition

Da Varanda, la de casa.jpg

Nov 21 - Dec 15, 2019

The Hand of Man

Paintings by Totonho


July 22 & 23, 2019

East Hampton TV Festival



May 17, 2019

Stride Arts Grand