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May 27 - June 16, 2021
1110 2 Ave F2, New York, NY 10022

About the Exhibition

Stride Arts featured Mr. Hall’s artworks in Earth Matters, a Virtual Solo Exhibition in 2020. We are honored and delighted to be able to finally bring Stephen Hall's works to the public eye from our physical gallery with Awakening.

"Our planet is in crisis with the overuse of fossil fuels and mass pollution, causing the loss of countless species and habitats.  The world is awakening to this precarious situation we find ourselves in.


I wish to express, in my paintings my fears for this planet whilst telling the story with beauty." - Stephon Hall

Opening Reception
Awakening: A Celebration of Spring

Stephen Hall X Pei-Wen Liao

As the inaugural exhibition of our Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series, the opening exhibition of Awakening will feature a private concert performed by the internationally esteemed violinist Pei-Wen Liao. Mr. Hall's powerful artworks will wake our conscience to humankind's irresponsible relationship with Mother Earth, while Ms. Liao's music will bring us on a trip to celebrate the awakening of spring. Join us on May 27th, 5:30 pm for the opening reception of Awakening, where you can meet and hear from the artist Stephen Hall, followed by Pei-Wen Liao's solo concert, A Celebration of Spring. As we present two very special talents, enjoy an evening of eye-opening art and heartwarming live music. 

Stephen Hall 

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Stephen Hall moved to New York in 1978 and began exhibiting his work in the East Village in the early ‘80s. Stephen Hall has had a long and successful career since his arrival in New York, exhibiting in the USA, the UK, Mexico, and Japan. His work is in numerous prestigious private and corporate collections worldwide, such as the private collection of Andy Warhol, Diana Ross, and Johnny Depp. Mr. Hall has illustrated numerous book covers for internationally published authors. "Red House Mystery" A.A. Milne, "High Rise" J.G. Ballard, and "A Can of Worms" by Russell Greenan to name a few.


"There are no digital prints, photographs, collage, airbrush, or projections involved in my work. The subjects and ambiguous light sources are hand-painted rows and rows of acrylic colors or tones, going from dark to light in countless layers. All the patterns are drawn first around a cardboard template upon the background field color and then painted tonally to match the background. Each painting can take anywhere from three to six weeks to execute, depending on the size.


"I am interested in showing the relationships we all have, whether in time or place. I also try to show the pattern in chaos and, perhaps, the overload of information that we are bombarded with in our modern times".Stephen Hall


Awakening 1920x1080.jpeg
Modern Arts Meets Chamber Music 1920x740



© 2021 Stride Arts. Stephen Hall introducing his artworks during opening night of his solo show "Awakening" at Stride Arts.

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