What is Stride Arts?

Stride Arts is a multifaceted arts organization with an expansive gallery space located in the heart of Manhattan. Founded by Angel Zhang in May 2019, Stride Arts is committed to supporting artists by bringing their artwork to an international clientele.

Where is Stride Arts located?

Stride Arts is located at 1110 2nd Ave, Suite 200, New York, NY 10022. It is on 2nd Avenue between 58th Street and 59th Street Manhattan. Our email: info@stridearts.com Tel: +1 (646) 484-6999

What are Stride Arts gallery hours?

Currently we’re temporarily closed due to Covid-19 virus. Viewing by appointment only. Please email us at info@stridearts.com to make an appointment. Further opening dates will be announced on our website and social media.

How to contact Stride Arts?

Please email us at info@stridearts.com, our staff will answer you within 24 hours. Please also contact us by following us on social media: Facebook: strideartsnyc Twitter: strideartsnyc LinkedIn: strideartsnyc WeChat: Stride Arts LLC


I am an artist, how do I become Stride Arts’ artist?

To become a Stride Arts artist, you first need to submit your artwork to Stride Arts. Please go to stridearts.com/artist to check out the submission requirement, fill out the form and submit. You can also either send it by email or call us at 646-484-6698 and our staff will explain the submission process. After evaluating your artwork Stride Arts will contact you to arrange a meeting where we will discuss with you the details of collaboration and representing.

What are the art submission requirements?

1) Photos of at least six pieces of art 2) Provide each work’s title and description including year created, frame details, condition, dimensions, medium, price and any interesting information about the piece. 3) Your bio 4) Your exhibition record list (group and solo) 5) Your artist statements 6) Your contact information, your website, your social media if you have

How long does it take for the artwork submission process?

From the time you submit artwork to Stride Arts, Stride Arts curators and art profession staff will carefully select artwork and make determinations about marketability. On some occasions a meeting may be arranged either at Stride Arts gallery or by virtual meeting. Stride Arts will then contact you to discuss our decision and what the next steps will be. The whole process generally takes between 2 to 4 weeks.

Can I sell my artwork on Stride Arts’ web shop?

Yes you can. But first you would need to submit your artwork and become a Stride Arts artist. For detailed information please check the artist page on stridearts.com or email us at info@stridearts.com.

Can I participate in your group exhibitions?

Yes. For details and questions please email us at info@stridearts.com

Can I exhibit my artwork solely at your gallery?

Yes. There are agreements to be signed. Please email to info@stridearts.com or call us at 646.484.6669 to arrange a date and time to visit our gallery space and discuss the details in person with our managers.

Can I use your studio space to create artwork?

Yes. Stride Arts helps artist and provides studio space for artists to work with reasonable fees. For details please email us at info@stridearts.com.

Can I participate in your art discussions, meetings or events?


Can I host my own art events at Stride Arts?

Yes. Stride Arts also provides services including event planning/consulting and marketing. For details please arrange to meet Stride Arts staff in person.


Can I pay by credit card when shopping on Stridearts.com/shop?

Yes. There are various payment options. You can pay by credit card. If you have problems in accessing your shopping payment, please contact us at info@stridearts.com. Please write ‘Urgent’ in the subject line and our staff will help you as soon as possible.

I live in the New York City area; can you deliver the art I purchased from your website?

Yes, if you live in the city we will deliver to your home for free. It may take from 2 to 14 days.

I live outside of the New York City but in the metropolitan area. Can you deliver the art I purchased from your web shop?

Yes. We will deliver to your home for free. It may take from 2 days to 14 days.

Do you ship to Hawaii, Alaska and Puerto Rico?

Maybe, it would depend on shipping availability. Please contact us at info@stridearts.com to learn the details.

I live outside of the United States, what about the shipping when I purchase from your online store?

We ship outside the United States. There are several shipping options offered in your shopping cart. However, in order to best protect artwork, we utilize a specific and professional wrapping and shipping method. There is an insurance fee that may be applied. Please follow the instruction in the shopping cart. If there are any questions, please email us at info@stridearts.com.

What about your shipping policy in general?

Please note the shipping fees may vary under different circumstances. Please don't hesitate to contact us at info@stridewarts.com We ship to the US, the UK, Canada, China and many other countries. If you are in New York City we can deliver the artwork for free within 2 to 14 days of purchase. International orders may incur customs duties (intra EU orders excluded) which are not included in the shipping costs. For details, please send an email to: info@stridearts.com. Please also check “Stride Arts Terms and Conditions” number 9, 10, and 11.

Can I return art purchased on the online store?


Can I exchange the art purchased on the online store?


Can I cancel my online purchase?

No. But you can get Stride Arts store credit, which can be used with no expiration date.

Can I get refund from exchange?

No but you may receive Stride Arts store credit which has no expiration date.

Is a certificate of artist authenticity included with purchase of artwork?

Yes. However, the Art Authenticity Certificate with artist’s signature might be sent separately from the artworks. For some artwork we might email the Art Authenticity Certificate in PDF format only.

Can I lease artwork from the online store?

Yes, you can for some of the artwork. For details please email to info@stridearts.com, tell us which artwork you are interested in renting and for how long. Our leasing manager will contact you and discuss the details.


Can I host my fashion show at your gallery space?

Yes. Our 3000 square foot gallery space is designed for running fashion shows. The space features specialty lighting, digital video and sound system that will enhance any event. For availability and rental details, please contact us at info@stridearts.com. Our rental manager will contact you within 24 hours.

Can I rent your other rooms?

Yes. we have a conferences room, a tearoom and four studios all with free high speed WIFI. We also provide free coffee, tea and filtered water. For availability and other details please email us at info@stridearts.com. Our rental manager will contact you within 24 hours.

Can I visit before renting?

We strongly advise that you visit us before renting. Because of the pandemic situation, we are currently allowing visits by appointment only. Please email us at info@stridearts.com to make an appointment.

When I host my meetings can I use your artworks in the gallery?

Yes. Please contact with our managers and learn about the rules and details.

Frequently Asked Questions