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Welcome to Talk About Art, our blog where we explore interesting topics in art history spanning from ancient to contemporary times. Interested in a specific topic or want to contribute an article? Contact us to let us know.

  • Talk About Art: Our 5 Favorite Spooky Artworks

    It's Halloween! Want to send a shiver down your spine? Read on to learn about five of our favorite unsettling, unnerving, and, at times, creepy works of art.

  • Artist Q&A:

    Elliot Cowan

    Elliot Cowan draws on his experience from the film and animation industries to imbue his prints and watercolors with dynamism and, at times, humor. 

  • Artist Q&A:

    Howard Gross

    Howard Gross has made art for over fifty years using a wide variety of media. Always intricate and obsessively detailed, his work continues to mystify.

  • Artist Q&A:

    Kate Thomas

    Get to know Kate Thomas. Kate draws inspiration from Earth's natural materials to create mystifying and otherworldly paintings to channel positive energies. 

  • Artist Q&A:

    Kerstin Roolfs

    Get to know Kerstin Roolfs a little better in the first of our series of Artist Q&A's. Kerstin explores themes of history and political systems in her work. 

  • Art History 101: Impressionism

    Today, it is easy to understand why Impressionism is a pillar of modern art history but, in the 19th century, some critics compared it to wallpaper.

  • Art History 101: The Italian Renaissance

    It is widely acknowledged that the Renaissance was a major turning point in the development of Western art history. Click below to find out why.

  • Art Market 101: Basic Terminology

    A deep understanding of the art market is essential for every collector. We’ve put together a brief overview of some basic art market terms to help you get started.

  • Natural Symbols in Chinese Ink Painting

    In celebration of September Asia Week, we’re delving into the centuries-old tradition of Chinese ink painting and the common symbols artists employed. 

  • Asia Art Week: 5 Asian Artists We're Inspired By

    To celebrate Asia Art Week, we're looking at some of the contemporary Asian artists that have shaped recent art history and inspired people worldwide.

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