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Artist Q&A

Kate Thomas

Where are you from and where are you currently based?

I am originally from Pennsylvania but moved to New York City after college. I currently reside in West New York, NJ and I am New York area based.


What is a typical day like for you?

A typical day consists of me waking up to feed my dog and cat, working out, going on acting auditions and then making art pieces. Some days I have Skype calls with potential clients and I also work from home so my day changes day by day.


What drew you to making art? Was it something you knew you would do from a young age?

I have always made art. I have been making art for as long as I can remember. I never thought of turning it into a career; I just enjoyed creating. Once I moved to New York to pursue acting, I began making art pieces to sell as a part time job to supplement my income. Eventually, I began showing my work at expos, festivals and galleries. Soon, it became a second full time job.

IH   Gold Speckled Sky (1).jpg

Kate Thomas, Gold Speckled Sky, 2019, © Kate Thomas. Image courtesy of the artist.

Can you describe a memory associated with art that could be considered a turning point, either that led you to pursue making art or that influenced your work?

A turning point in my life was when my fiancé, Jon, went to Officer Candidate School for the Marine Corps. He is an active duty Marine but was accepted into a program called MECEP. While he was gone, I had so much free time that I began making art all day and night to pass time. I was inspired by the crystals around my home because they brought positive energy to my life. It was hard not being able to really talk to Jon for three months except through letters and the occasional phone call on the weekends, so this was a way for me to comfort myself, be happy, and pass the time. From there, I began showing my art on Instagram and that is how my art branched into a career.


When did you first start exploring the concepts of the earth's natural elements and minerals in your work?

I first started exploring earth’s natural minerals during the time my fiancé was away for three months. I had a lot of free time, so I began researching crystals, positive energy and other minerals that have positive impacts on homes, energies and overall mental well-being. I like working with materials that bring in positive energy or light and elements that can be placed in a home to also help promote positive energy within a space.


Who are some of your biggest artistic influences?

Some of my favorite artists are Salvador Dali, Jackson Pollock, Andy Warhol, and Jeff Koons. I studied them in college and love their work. I love work that is outside of my style and element.  Honestly there aren’t any artists that influence my particular style.

IH   Purple Pebbles.jpg

Kate Thomas, Purple Pebbles, 2019, © Kate Thomas. Image courtesy of the artist.

What other concepts or themes are you continually drawn to?

I am drawn to abstract art and pop art. I love art that takes a moment to try and figure out (sometimes you never figure it out and that is the beauty about it). I like artwork with bright and vibrant colors. I love texture and different mediums that are incorporated in those types of styles.


Are there any recent developments you’ve gone through in your artistic process?

I have began making very large pieces and door panels for sliding doors for closets and wall space.


What is the most difficult aspect of your process?

The most difficult aspect is having patience. If it were up to me I would work on a piece 24/7. I absolutely love it and sometimes I hate waiting for the resin to cure or for stones to set. You have to have patience and take a step back to really appreciate the work and the process. But, once I dive into something… it is hard for me to stop until it is completed!


What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on a large piece for the International Art Festival in New York City on November 7-10.

IH   Allura.jpg
IH   Bridge to Emerald City.jpg

Left image: Kate Thomas, Allura, 2019. Kate Thomas, Bridge to Emerald City, 2019, © Kate Thomas. Images courtesy of the artist.

Discover more of Kate's works in our shop or come visit our gallery space on October 24th to check out her work in person. Kate's work will be featured in our Autumn Group Exhibition along with three other artists.

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