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Art, Prosecco and Conversation

If artworks and honeybees had ears, they would feel the great vibrations of the concerts that took place during this exhibition. 


This is the last week for the show and although no concert, we would love to see you!


Please join us and celebrate the last evening of NATURE

E POSTER 980-441-02.jpeg

Spring – the joyous beginning of the natural cycle makes people radiant, light at heart, hopeful, and sometimes sweetly pained. 


Songs about spring have proliferated from ancient to modern times.


Asako will sing wonderful art songs from around the world. She will be joined by David Holkeboer on a beautiful Steinway grand piano and clarinetist Christa Somers.


Please join us to enjoy these beautiful songs of spring on the day of the new moon, surrounded by beautiful flower-themed paintings and sculptures by Judi Harvest.

E POSTER 980-441-02.jpeg

We are excited and honored to announce that the famous soprano Asako Tamura will present a Solo Recital ~Flowers, Spring, and Moon~at the beautiful Stride Arts Gallery on Thursday, March 31st, 2022. This is the first soprano concert in our Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series! 


Asako has performed a wide variety of roles in Europe and the USA since she sang with Placido Domingo, Jose Carreras, and Luciano Pavarotti as the female soloist in the Three Tenors Concert in Yokohama before the World Cup Championship 2002. Recently she was honored to sing the National Anthem as the first foreign opera singer at the Exhibition Game of the Yankees vs the Nationals.


We're excited to announce the New Asia Chamber Music Society (NACMS)

will be back at Stride Arts Gallery on Thursday, March 17 at 6 pm, and present you with an inspirational concert in collaboration with the Sullivan String Quartet,  including the music of Dvorak, Shostakovich, and Schubert. 

Throughout it all you will be surrounded by exquisite artworks by Judi Harvest - the abstract paintings, sculptures, works on paper, and multimedia works that tell stories behind the beautiful solo Exhibition “Nature”.


03.08.2022  Thank You and See You Soon

Dedications and Inspirations Violin & Piano Duo Recital

We look forward to seeing you for Judi Harvest: NATURE exhibition at Stride Arts, on view March 3- April 8th 

and the two upcoming concerts in the gallery

Thursday, March 10th and Thursday, March, 17th, 6-9 pm


03.07.2022 You Are Cordially Invited!

Dedications and Inspirations Violin & Piano Duo Recital

Join us on Thursday, March 10th at 6 pm as we gather again to celebrate the ingenuity of these artists.

32050436610_6dfbb49d88_c-3 (2).jpeg

02.28.2022 You Are Cordially Invited! Concert and Exhibition Opening

Terra String Quarte x Judi Harvest

Join us on March 3, 6:00 pm at Stride Arts galleryfor a beautiful chamber concert Memories and Modernity performed by the Terra String Quartet and an eye-opening solo art exhibition Nature by Judi Harvest.


The Stride Arts series, Modern Art Meets Chamber Music, continues into this new year. We await the sparks these artists will create to ignite our passions for music and art in 2022. 


02.25.2022 Upcoming Concert Memories and Modernity & Exhibition Opening: NATURE

The Stride Arts series, Modern Art Meets Chamber Music, continues into this new year with Memories and Modernity, a concert by The Terra String Quartet, on the opening night of Judi Harvest’s Solo Exhibition, Nature. We await the sparks these artists will create to ignite our passions for music and art in 2022. 


02.24.2022 Thank You and See You Soon 

Our heartfelt thanks go out to all of you who made The Fifteenth Annual ABC Gala and Stride Arts’ collaborative exhibition Breaking New Ground, a complete success.  With the theme of “Women in the Arts” and an evening that included works by Janet Goldner, Judi Harvest, Kristina Kossi, Geraldine Neuwirth, Seanna Noonan, and Sarah Walko, performances by ABC laureates of works by women composers, and a celebration honoring 97 year-old pianist Ruth Slenczynska surrounding the release of her latest CD, My Life in Music, we are grateful for your support in helping Stride Arts and the Alexander & Buono Foundation bring to the public what many have described as a thoroughly enjoyable, memorable, and satisfying evening.


02.22.2022 You Are Cordially Invited!

Memories and Modernity The Terra String Quartet & Solo Exhibition: Nature

The Stride Arts series, Modern Art Meets Chamber Music, continues into this new year with Memories and Modernity, a concert by The Terra String Quartet, on the opening night of Judi Harvest’s Solo Exhibition, Nature. We await the sparks these artists will create to ignite our passions for music and art in 2022. 


01.18.2022 You are cordially invited: Bach & Brew!

As part of Fifteenth Annual ABC Gala, presented by the Alexander & Buono Foundation, Stride Arts is pleased to announce “Breaking New Ground,” its newly curated exhibition being held at Stride Arts Gallery February 17-27, 2022.

The exhibition theme is “Women in the Arts” and celebrates female visual and performing artists who, past and present, define and expand the world’s artistic vision through their contributions as performers, composers, painters, and sculptors.


01.18.2022 You are cordially invited: Bach & Brew!

Stride Arts is excited to invite you to aTonalHit's special concert, Bach & Brew! Violinist Katha Zinn and pianist Illya Filshtinskiy will be returning to our gallery, along with clarinetist Gleb Kanasevich, to bring a night of Bach, Schubert, Schumann, Bartok, and McKinley. Equally appealing will be their homebrewed beer, ginger ale, and kombucha, free while they last! Come for a night of fun, light drinking, and music surrounded by beautiful pieces of art at the Stride Arts gallery! Please see all event details below. 


12.01.2021 You Are Cordially Invited! Winter Rhapsody

Piano Duo Concer &  End-of-the-year 2021 Exhibition

As we approach the final month of 2021 and the beloved holiday season, Stride Art’s Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series has accompanied you from spring to winter. From the day when New York City finally allowed our space to reopen to the public to now, from Awakening to The End of Time, our gallery has been home to countless moments of artistic enrichment and musical delight. We are honored to have provided a center for art, friends, conversation, and passion.


Let us gather once again before the holidays for a spectacular Winter Rhapsody, the seventh episode of our series and the last concert and the art exhibition opening of 2021. The concert will be brought to us by Shelest Piano Duo, a husband and wife team praised for their "stirring performances of rare repertory" by Fanfare Magazine. At the same time, The End of the Year 2021 Exhibition will represent all Stride Arts artists and pay tribute to an incredible 2021! Let us collectively show a most sincere thank you to all our friends, audience members, and collectors.


11.16.2021 You Are Cordially Invited! Speaking the Language of Music

Conversation with composer William Goldstein and host/ violinist Peiwen Liao 

We are excited to announce renowned Hollywood composer William Goldstein will chat with the host and violinist Peiwen Liao at the Stride Arts Gallery on November 30, 7 pm as part of the Music Conversations, A Stride Art Series. We will explore the topic of instant composition and invite the audience to participate with Mr. Goldstein on stage together. Series director and violinist Peiwen Liao will conduct an informal on-stage conversation with Mr. Goldstein, followed by a musical performance between the two musicians, and end the event with a Q&A session with the audience.

海报1  打印版(8x11英寸 横版)_画板 1.jpg

11.11.2021 You Are Cordially Invited! ~Navigating Art ~ A Stride Arts Education Series

We are excited to announce the start of an art education series at Stride Arts called Navigating Art. Starting on November 17, 2021. We will offer 1-hour lectures on Wednesday nights and 2-hours art workshops on Saturday afternoons. These lectures and workshops will teach a variety of subjects in art history and give you an opportunity learn to produce different styles of art yourself with the guidance of a professional artist. You will receive information about this through our e-newsletter. We are beyond thrilled that Ms. Michelle Platnik will be leading the start of this series. She is not only an accomplished artist but also a passionate and experienced educator who cares deeply about sharing her wealth of knowledge in art history and practice. 

Poster 1-E-980-441-02.jpg

You Are Cordially Invited! THE END OF TIME Concert Theater & IN THE AIR Art Exhibition Opening

Join Stride Arts in welcoming Hallo-weekend this year with a most unique episode of the Modern Arts Meets Chamber Music series: The End of Time by Salon Séance and In The Air by artist Kerstin Roolfs. From a comfortable gallery exhibiting abstract, automatic drawings and paintings by Kerstin Roolfs, dive into the history and emotional depth of classical music through a séance conducted in the form of concert theater. Creatively curated by world-class artists of numerous disciplines, Salon Séance’s special program delivers a connection between the soul and classical music one can only experience for themself. Surrounding this special musicianship will be Kerstin Roolfs’ abstract watercolor series and her newest works inspired by the pandemic.  Let us celebrate Halloween in séance-inspired attire as we trace through the automatic, free-spirited strokes of Roolf’s works and embark on a timeless musical journey with Salon Séance.

09.05.2021  You Are Cordially Invited! MOON A Celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival

The Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series presents MOON, a violin recital by Peiwen Liao and a photography exhibition opening by Peter Andrew Jeschke. 

Come join us for the Mid-Autumn Festival/Moon Festival with our artist and musicians as we honor this holiday with music of celebration, love, and nostalgia. You will be treated to music by American female composer Amy Beach, German composer Johannes Brahms, and a selection of treasured Chinese songs. The charm in Amy Beach’s Romance is perhaps one of its greatest assets as it tugs away at your heartstrings throughout the work. Brahms’s passion, fueled perhaps by his forbidden love for Clara Schumann, is on full display in his Violin Sonata No. 3 in D minor. And lastly, this medley of Chinese pieces takes the listeners deep into the themes of homecoming, community, and love – all of which are central to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Perhaps, at the end of this concert, you will come away with a bountiful “harvest” of music and enrichment. Throughout it all you will be surrounded by exquisite artworks by Peter Andrew Jeschke that tell stories behind the meaning of the Moon Festival.

08.16.2021  You Are Cordially Invited! SHADOWS: A Cabaret  & Art Exhibition 

The Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series at Stride Arts presents Shadows: A Cabaret performed by bass-baritone Robert Osborne and pianist Xu Cheng. Shadows features songs of love and revolution, crime and corruption, exile and experiment, danger and loneliness in an international Cabaret.  You will hear renowned songs by Kurt Weill, Franz Waxman, Friedrich Hollaender, Mischa Spoliansky, Giovanni D’Anzi, Cesare Bixio, Marc Blitzstein, William Bolcom, George Gershwin, Cole Porter, and others. Join bass-baritone Robert Osborne and pianist Xu Cheng on a musical tour of some of the darker, more obsessive and more sinister paths of popular song from the 1920’s to 1940’s.  

Accompanying the music will be a Stride Arts collection of modern artworks that tell stories about life, nature, and human nature.

07.30.2021  A Night of Live Piano and Live Painting

Congratulations to Stride Arts for successfully hosting the fourth exhibition opening and concert in the Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series this summer. Thank you for coming to 「Romantic Landscapes」 Solo Piano Concert by Sandro Russo and 「Melody in Smoke」Exhibition Opening by Mher Khachatryan at Stride Arts.Congratulations to the piano prince of our night, Mr. Sandro Russo, on a wonderful and full of romance piano solo concert, with the two brilliant artists who collaborate in a live, spontaneous painting session as an encore. In the beautiful piano melody of Sandro, Mher created an oil painting in only 2 minutes. What is even more amazing is that when the painting was turned 180 degrees, the audience instantly realized that he was painting a pair of hands playing the piano! Stride Arts and the audience expressed their most beautiful thanks! Thank you to our talented artist and musician for blessing a full audience with powerful live art and good sound, technique live music. Congratulations to Mr. Mher Khachatryan on a bustling exhibition opening.

07.13.2021  You are cordially invited!
Romantic Landscapes Solo Piano Concert & Melody in Smoke Art Exhibition Opening 

The Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series continues with a solo piano concert, Romantic Landscapes, adorning the exhibition opening of Melody in Smoke by New York-based Armenian painter Mher Khachatryan. Italian-born pianist Sandro Russo, acclaimed for his profound sense of poetry and distinctive style, will present a rich collection of Romantic masterpieces, featuring works by Schumann, Chopin, as well as four of the most dazzling and highly evocative Transcendental Etudes by Liszt. Surrounding the music will be Mher Khachatryan’s mesmerizing interpretation of the lingering connection between darkness and light, the living and the dead, the past and the present: smoke. Created from extinguished flame, smoke carries the remnants of light and life, hinting life’s fragility. Through masterful oil painting, Khachatryan’s captures the ethereal, delicate, and elusive nature of smoke, reminding us to stay connected to this world and the one beyond. 

06.21.2021  You are cordially invited! Vibrancy 

The third exhibition opening of our Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series, Vibrancy, will feature a salon concert performed by The New Asia Chamber Music Society (NACMS). The artistic highlight of Vibrancy features two creatively and visually inspired female artists: Katherine Maude Thomas and Sara Sill.

Join us on July 1st, 6:00 pm for the opening reception of Vibrancy and enjoy an evening of tangible art and heartwarming live music.

A Midsummer's Night's Dream .jpg
06.09.2021  You are cordially invited! A Midsummer's Night's Dream 

As the second exhibition of our Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series, the opening exhibition of A Midsummer's Night's Dream will feature a private concert performed by the founders of aTonalHits,Illya Filshtinskiy (piano) and Katha Zinn (violin). The powerful team of artists at Stride Arts will bring you works of different art forms and different expression styles but full of summer enthusiasm, while aTonalHits ‘s music will bring us on a trip to celebrate midsummer! Join us on June 17th, 6:00 pm for the opening reception of A Midsummer's Night's Dream and enjoy an evening of eye-opening art and heartwarming live music.

06.04.2021  Art and Music Awakened Everyone

Congratulations to Stride Arts for successfully hosting the first exhibition opening and concert in the Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series this summer.Thank you for coming to Awakening: A Celebration of Spring! It was an unforgettable reopening for Stride Arts, and we hope you had a very enjoyable evening filled with inspiring art and music!

Awakening Concert 1080X1080 .jpeg
5.18.2021  You are cordially invited! Awakening Exhibition Opening

As America slowly but surely emerges from over a year of quarantine and social distancing, Stride Arts eagerly welcomes the full return of art lovers to our gallery by launching a series of cross-collaboration between modern art and classical music. We are passionate about bringing you the simple pleasures in life we have been so deprived of over the past year: live music, tangible art, and fulfilling social interaction. Follow Stride Arts for a summer of exquisite art accompanied by virtuosic chamber music, as we feature a new contemporary artist and renowned musician every two to three weeks. 

UntitledPost (1).jpg
4.22.2021 Earth Day: Environmental Advocacy Through Art

On this Earth Day, Stride Arts is honored to present Mr. Stephen Hall, whose captivating paintings scream the importance of environmental sustainability. Let us take these powerful artworks as a warning and awaken everyone to love and protect our planet! 

3.16.2021 Happy East 

No need to hunt, the sales are here!

Hope these wonderful woodcarving works will bring happiness to your life this spring

 Born on Penghu Island, living and working in Hsinchu City, Taiwan, Chih-Hui Chuang has been a professional artist for over 30 years.Chuang displays a unique skill which combines painting with wood carving, to “paint as carving and carve as painting” as described by art critic Huang Zu Yin. Chuang knows intimately how to present twisted and overlapping spaces in his creations - images that are restructured after bold deconstruction. Through fantasy images, audiences can see Chuang’s philosophy of life and find a way to an internal world. 

3.08.2021 Celebrate International Women's Day

“Collective action and shared ownership for driving gender parity is what makes International Women's Day impactful. Gloria Steinem, world-renowned feminist, journalist and activist once explained "The story of women's struggle for equality belongs to no single feminist nor to any one organization but to the collective efforts of all who care about human rights." So make International Women's Day your day and do what you can to truly make a positive difference for women.”

2.26.2021 Happy Chinese Lantern Festival

Falling on the 15th day of the first month of the Lunar Year, the Lantern Festival takes place under a full moon and marks the end of the Chinese New Year celebration.

未命名设计 (4).jpg
2.11.2021 Happy Lunar New Year 

The spring festival celebrating the Year of the Ox is upon us!

The traditional 15 daylong festival is also the most important time in the Asian lunar calendar and carries special significance for the year ahead.  The ox is a symbol of strength, honesty, confidence, wealth and prosperity, exactly what the world needs after a year of upheaval and anxiety!

1.27.2021| The Meaning of Ox

Historically oxen were capable farming tools in agricultural society, symbols of diligence, persistence and honesty. In some cultures oxen represent the harvest. Without the strength of the ox, there would be no harvest.

1.12.2021| Investing in Art in 2021 

We wish a happy and healthy 2021. Let’s keep our spirits up, be strong, make intelligent decisions and get the most from 2021!

UntitledPost (1).jpg
1.1.2021| Looking Forward to 2021

With the challenges of 2020 behind us we’re more grateful than ever to our Stride Arts’community. We’re eager to set our eyes to the future with optimism for what 2021 holds. In 2021 Stride Arts plans many great programs featuring exciting emerging and established artists. We can’t wait to share more wonderful art and inspiration with our audience.

UntitledPost (4).jpg
12.31.2020 | Farewell to 2020

The year of 2020 has been a strange, disruptive and disorienting year. We want to thank you for your continued interest and support of Stride Arts during this difficult time.

12.22.2020 | Merry Christmas

We hope you and your family have a safe and relaxing holiday season.

May your Christmas be full of peace, joy and happiness this year!

From all of us at Stride Arts

12.16.2020 | Make This Holiday Meaningful with the Gift of Art

Now that the holiday season is upon us have you considered giving the gift of art? If so, let Stride Arts be your resource for discovering beautiful and affordable works of art by our established and emerging talented artists.

12.9.2020 | Amazing Gifts For Your Loved Ones In 2020

A great piece of art is better than an aged bottle of wine. Art inspires, brings peace of mind and stimulates the imagination. The value of great art will always withstand the vicissitudes of an unpredictable world.

12.2.2020 | Artist of the Week Chu Okoli

Chu Okoli is a world-renowned Houston based visual artist trained in classical drawing and painting. He takes inspiration from his background as a sculptor, installation artist, designer, writer, innovator and visionary and has forged a new style in painting using concentric circles as a filter through which he sees the universe and the world around him.

Happy Thinksgiving 2020.jpg
11.25.2020 |Giving Thanks In 2020

The holiday season is a social season – which looks and feels very different this year. Give thanks and send love by gifting loved ones a great piece of art in 2020.  Stride Arts’ Holiday Art Selection features a wonderful variety of artwork by our amazing new artists.

11.18.2020 |Happy Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving will be here soon. This time around things will be different given that most of us won’t be able to gather with our loved ones to celebrate. We want you to know that we are here with you and we want to thank you for being with us throughout these difficult times. Your support means a great deal to us.

1 马的传说:啸风图 (18-5) LEGEND OF HORSES 144X3
11.9.2020 |WHAT'S NEW Online Selection of Distinguished Artists

When the coronavirus crisis struck, we all wondered how the art world would react and how that would affect Stride Arts, a fresh new gallery in New York City.  

SWAN LAKE(15-48) ¦8¦8¦¦ú¿15-48ú¬   27i
11.2.2020 | Open for Inspiration

Since opening on October 16th, 2020, ‘Beyond the Image’ has not only received enthusiastic visitors and great feedback but also raving reviews from critics and the media. Last week, Stride Arts was honored to host ARTnews, World Journal, and The China Press interviews with artist QX Wang.

10.27.2020 | Artist of the Week QX WANG

QX Wang received master’s and doctoral degrees in philosophy and English literature from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has taught for over thirty years at institutions of higher learning throughout the US and in China and has been a guest lecturer at many top universities including Harvard.

42 MOONRISE OVER THE SEA 海上生明月  .tif
10.19.2020 | A Great Start!

We at Stride Arts are so proud and pleased with the wonderful response we received to our most recent event held last Friday, the opening of ‘​Beyond the Image​’​ featuring over 80 recent paintings and ceramics by QX Wang. Our guests included art critics from ​Art in America​, editors of ​World Journal​, art influencers including the ​Miss China International 2018​, reporters from different media and our international art collectors.

10.16.2020 | 世界日報 紐約報導 大澤人「超以像外」個展 張揚牛馬韌性

華裔藝術家大澤人最新個展「超以像外」(Beyond the Image)16日起在曼哈頓「Stride Arts」藝廊開展。原訂3月的展覽因新冠疫情延期到10月,大澤人表示,疫情的考驗冥冥之中與此次個展「牛的故事」系列作品所體現的精神相合,「正好考驗作為藝術家堅忍不拔的『牛性』韌性」;而首度展出的近50件陶藝作品,也有多件採用「好事多磨」的特別創作手法。

10.15.2020 | 世界日報 紐約報導 大澤人新展「超以像外」 談新冠期間創作


72 dpi mid-article Box (300x250).jpeg
10.12.2020 |You Are Invited!Stride Arts Reopening Exhibition

Stride Arts proudly presents Beyond the Image 超以像外 2020 featuring the latest compelling artwork by Chinese contemporary artist and philosopher QX Wang. This exhibition brings together thirty-three of QX Wang’s paintings and fifty ceramics.

10.09.2020 |Back to Business We Are Open! 

We are delighted to welcome you back to Stride Arts! The well-being of our visitors and staff is our top priority and we have adjusted our visitor experience to meet new health and safety guidelines.

07.29.2020 |Summer Series

We have picked some of our favorites and want to share them with you. Please enjoy our “Summer Picks” and all other stunning pieces in our shop.

07.13.2020 |Folding2020 - Mei Lu -Virtual Solo Exhibition 

Mei Lu is not a newcomer to the New York art scene. You may have seen her work at art fairs here in New York or in exclusive galleries in Beijing, France, the UK and Spain. As enchanting as her art is, I am as impressed by her personality, her resilience and her constant search for spiritual freedom. 

07.13.2020 |'Myanmar' - Virtual Solo Photography Exhibition  

"Myanmar” is Nancy's most recent solo photography exhibition at Stride Arts Virtual Gallery showcasing her 2015 Myanmar trip.
In this captivating series Nancy presents us with the vitality of Myanmar’s people and culture along with spectacular images of its nature and landscapes.


07.06.2020 |Leisure Time - Jin Xu - Virtual Solo Exhibition 

We can’t wait to share Jin Xu’s evocative work with you. In this week’s virtual gallery Stride Arts proudly presents a series of Jin Xu’s recent work inspired by nature titled ‘Leisure Times’.

06.29.2020 |‘Emerging From Oblivion’ - Howard Gross - Virtual Solo Exhibition 

Howard Gross, the versatile American classic artist with a fifty-year artistic journey and who demonstrates ‘an irresistible urge’ in his creations has his work presented in a new solo exhibition titled ‘Emerging from Oblivion’ at the Stride Arts Virtual Gallery. This virtual solo exhibition features 30 works of Gross’s from the eighties to this decade. 

06.22.2020 |A New Way to Enjoy Chinese Calligraphy
In Stride Arts most recent Virtual Exhibition "Special Edition of Calligraphy" Dr. Shiling Zhou exhibits 30 of his newest works, including the masterpiece 'The Heart Sutra’ as shown above.  
earth matters.png
06.15.2020 |Earth Matters - Stephen Hall- Virtual Solo Exhibition 

“I am interested in showing the relationships we all have, whether in time or place. I also try to show the pattern in chaos and, perhaps, the overload of information that we are bombarded with in our modern times."
Stephen Hall

06.08.2020 |Seacoast - Shiou-ping Liao- Virtual Solo Exhibition

In this exhibition Stride Arts proudly presents Shiou-ping Liao’s 36 artworks which were defined into five categories:

05.29.2020 |Virtual Exhibition: UNLOCKED

While our gallery remains closed to the public, we are excited to announce that our team has resumed all other operations with our artists and collectors. We are actively working with our artists to curate a series of virtual exhibitions so you can enjoy the 3D gallery experience right in the comfort of your own homes. Now exhibiting over 30 artworks by a variety of our artists, the Stride Arts Virtual Gallery has officially launched!

4.2020 | Art in America Magazine

The current show BEYOND THE IMAGE: 2020 QX WANG RECENT WORKS, presented by Stride Arts, provides the public with an unusual view of art. Free from the confinement by the image, the artist could be able to move freely around the image, treat it with wits and humor as what ancient scholars meant by “aloft beyond the image” and “forget the shape for the meaning”.

02.03.2020 |中外要聞網 中外藝術家 紐約辦春展

【圖/文 詹澤湖/紐約報導】2月1日:在紐約曼哈頓Stride Arts藝廊舉辦慶祝中國新年藝術展和表演活動。當天展會邀請到了周士凌、任國輝、陳向東,以及John Shorb、Howard Gross等數十位不同族裔的藝術家到場進行藝術交流和互動。來自各界的嘉賓170多位出席。

02.02.2020 |【春】Stride Arts 中国新年艺术表演活动圆满成功

 2020年2月1日下午,Stride Arts 艺术公司在其高雅时尚的艺术大厅举办了一场庆祝中国新年的艺术表演盛会。这次盛会同时伴有多位艺术家的艺术作品供大家欣赏,表演项目少而精,多为被列入非遗项目的中国传统艺术,表演者均为技艺精湛的知名艺术家和表演大师,现场气氛热闹非凡,吸引了诸多中外嘉宾,特别是美国朋友,他们惊叹中国的传统文化,为之吸引并赞叹不绝。

Holday Selection.jpg
12.11.19 |Holiday Selection

May all the sweet magic of this holiday conspire to gladden your heart and fill every wish.

Squared Ants.jpg
10.25.19 | Stride Arts October Dispatch

Artist Q&A: Howard Gross


Over the course of the next months, we'll be publishing short Q&A's with our artists on our blog, Talk About Art. In the latest installment, we chat with Howard Gross and discuss his lifelong obsession with detail, how he constantly is searching for new ways to express himself, and one painting in the MoMA collection that he has returned to see over the years.

Autumn Exhibition .png
10.11.19 | Autumn Exhibition Invitation October 24 - November 15, 2019

You are cordially invited to the opening reception of Stride Arts' Autumn Exhibition.

Stride Arts is pleased to present new artwork by Kerstin Roolfs, Howard Gross, Elliot Cowan and Kate Thomas.

Water Lilly Presents The Essence - 26
9.18.19 | Closing Soon: Xiangdong Chen The Infusion of Ink and Clay

Xiangdong Chen is widely recognized as one of the first contemporary artists to master the combination of ink and porcelain. Chen has painstakingly developed a process that begins with a careful selection of clay and continues through the firing process to produce a body of work that simultaneously reveals a novel combination of media and references ancient techniques. 

7.19 | Art Market Magazine

Contemporary artist Xiangdong Chen was born in Nantong, China in 1963, where he attended Nantong University - School of Fine Arts. After graduating from Nantong University in 1987, Chen moved on to continue his studies at the Print Program of Nanjing Academy, where he graduated in 1991. From 1989 to today, Chen...

6.24.19 | Social Life Magazine

Stride Arts held its opening reception for Xiangdong Chen’s exhibition on  Wednesday, June 19thfrom 6 PM to 8 PM. The award-winning artist presented pieces from his most recent creative period as well as historic pieces that have brought him such acclaim. More than 80 people attended visited the gallery, including host...

6.19.19 | 世界日报-陳向東紐約當代瓷畫藝術展

【紐約訊】「坐西向東」The Infusion of Ink and Clay 陳向東紐約當代瓷畫藝術展日前在紐約曼哈的Stride Arts 頂級藝術畫廊隆重開幕。

I033 Free Will - At Ones Wish 2 观自在.jpg
6.19.19 | CN Arts

「坐西向东」The Infusion of Ink and Clay瓷画艺术展 将展现美籍华裔艺术家陈向东先生创作的30多幅水墨精品和60多件瓷器精品,包括荷莲系列、太湖石系列、大山水系列以及特别创意系列。展览以当代水墨画与当代瓷器的完美融合为主题,借陈先生之笔号「坐西向东」冠名,意在突破西方人对中国传统水墨画和传统瓷...

6.18.19 | Art Rabbit

Stride Arts is pleased to present ‘The Infusion of Ink and Clay,’ a solo show from the award-winning Chinese artist, Xiangdong Chen. Chen is one of the most famous contemporary artists in China, and this show will present pieces from his most recent period of production as well as historic pieces that have brought him...

6.18.19 | Social Life Magazine

Born in Nantong, China, in 1963, contemporary artist Xiangdong Chen is most widely recognized as the first artist to successfully infuse porcelain with painting. He has created visually remarkable works that demonstrate his unparalleled proficiency of painting, glazing, kiln firing, and porcelain, and his distinctive...

6.17.19 | NY Undressed

Stride Arts is pleased to present ‘The Infusion of Ink and Clay,’ a solo show from the award-winning Chinese artist, Xiangdong Chen. Chen is one of the most famous contemporary artists in China, and this show will present pieces from his most recent period of production as well as historic pieces that have brought him...

6.11.19 | Times Square Chronicles

It’s hard to believe 2019 is half way over. But, it has been months so far of wonderful things. From fundraisers to launches it has been a grand time to be a New Yorker. Stride Arts, a brand-new art and exhibition space in the heart of Manhattan, held it grand opening last week, attended by NYC Council Member Keith Powers...

6.10.19 | NY Undressed

On Thursday May 16, Stride Arts, a brand-new art and exhibition space in the heart of Manhattan held its Grand Opening, before opening to the public on Friday, May 17, 2019. Founded and directed by Angel Zhang, the gallery specializes in working with modern and contemporary artists and presents some of today’s 

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5.28.19 | NYC77evens

Stride Arts is a brand-new art and exhibition space in the heart of Manhattan that opened on Friday, May 17. The gallery presented some of today's most notable and passionate emerging and established artists while offering a variety of ownership options for art aficionados.

5.23.19 | Social Life Magazine

Stride Arts, a brand-new art and exhibition space in the heart of Manhattan held its Grand Opening, before opening to the public on Friday, May 17. Founded and directed by Angel Zhang, the gallery specializes in working with modern and contemporary artists and presents some of today’s most notable and passionate...

5.17.19 |

Stride Arts Opens in New York City. Stride Arts is a brand-new art and exhibition space in the heart of Manhattan that will open on Friday, May 17. The gallery will present some of today's most notable and passionate emerging and established artists while offering a variety of ownership options for art aficionados.

5.17.19 | Art Daily News International

Stride Arts, a brand-new art and exhibition space in the heart of Manhattan specializing in modern and contemporary art, opened its doors Friday, May 17th, 2019. The gallery will present some of today's most notable and passionate emerging and established artists; as well as offer a wide variety of ownership options..

5.16.19 | 世界日报 - 曼哈頓上東城Stride Arts藝術公司新張

【紐約訊】位於曼哈頓上東城的Stride Arts公司16日在其藝術大廳舉行開幕儀式。著名天使投資人Roger Samet 先生、PR Newswire美通社內容許可和發行副總裁Josh Cohen 先生、華裔企業家王忠琦先生及其夫人啟楊基金會主席甘台寧女士、中國駐紐約總領事館文化參贊李立言先生、紐約市議員Ben Kallos、Keith Powers等社會各界人士100多人前來祝賀。紐約州州長 Andrew Cuomo、美國聯邦眾議員孟昭文亦派代表宣讀賀信。

5.16.19 | Social Life Magazine

Stride Arts is a brand-new art and exhibition space in the heart of Manhattan that will open on Friday, May 17. The gallery will present some of today’s most notable and passionate emerging and established artists while offering a variety of ownership options for art aficionados.

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