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Our Services

Stride Arts offers a curated and diverse selection of artwork by contemporary artists from across the globe. You can browse individual pieces in our shop or reach out to us at discuss additional options tailored to your needs.



For Artists 

We want to work with you and help you build your legacy. Our Manhattan space and online platform provide you the opportunity to showcase your artwork in a refined setting. We welcome submissions and are happy to discuss collaborating with artists of all backgrounds. Get in touch with us here. 


For Collectors

Explore our community of contemporary artists online or in person at our gallery space. We offer flexible purchasing solutions and a multitude of services, whether you are an individual or an institutional client. Browse our shop here or learn more about our tailored options by contacting us here.  


Custom Sales Services

For clients hoping to acquire multiple works to help add some color to an office or commercial building, we can work closely with you to put together a selection of pieces expertly curated to suit your space and aesthetic. 


Rotate and Refresh Leasing Services

Stride also created the Rotate and Refresh program through which we encourage you to develop your taste by installing our art in your home or office for a monthly subscription fee per piece. If you’re not quite ready to commit to the full purchase of a piece or a collection, the Rotate and Refresh program offers a flexible way for you to try before you buy. Each monthly fee can go toward the full purchase price of the artwork. 


How Our Rotate and Refresh Program Works

Art Lease

Step 1: Contact Us


Complete the form below with the artwork ID numbers that you are hoping to rent. One of our team members will contact you to begin the process. Artworks have a minimum rental period of 3 months that can be extended at any time. We will send you a copy of our Artwork Leasing Agreement for review. 

Step 2: Payment and Delivery


Once the agreement is signed, and we have received your security deposit and your credit card details,  we will arrange for delivery of the artworks to you anywhere within the Tri-state area. You will be responsible for insuring the works and maintaining the condition of the artwork while it is in your care. If any damage occurs to the artwork, you must contact us immediately. Any costs associated with restoring or repairing the artwork will be your responsibility. 

Step 3: Lease Termination


Once your leasing period is approaching its end, we will reach out to confirm your termination of the agreement. You will be responsible for shipping the artworks back to Stride Arts or to an agreed upon location within 15 calendar days. Once the artworks have been examined to be sure there are no changes to their condition, we will return your security deposit.

Step 4: Lease-To-Own

If at any time you decide you can’t live without the artworks you have rented, contact us and we will apply your monthly payments towards the full purchase price. Once payment is received, the work is yours to keep! 

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