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Stride Arts Virtual Exhibition
Earth Matters

While our gallery remained closed to the public during the COVID pandemic, our team resumed all other operations with our artists and collectors. We actively worked with our artists to curate a series of virtual exhibitions so you can enjoy the 3D gallery experience right in the comfort of your own homes. Now exhibiting over 30 artworks by a variety of our artists, the Stride Arts Virtual Gallery has officially launched! 

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Stephen Hall.png

© Stephen Hall. Image courtesy of the artist.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2020 Solo exhibitions / Stride Arts  - New York, United States

  • 2017 Solo exhibitions / Hal Bromm Gallery - New York, United States

  • 2016 Armory Week Salon / Conception Gallery - New York, United States

  • 2016 Solo exhibitions / Buddy Warren Gallery - New York, United States

  • 2012 Solo Exhibition / Westbeth Art Gallery - New York, United States

  • 2011 Solo Exhibition / AGallery - New York, United States

  • 2006 Solo Exhibition / Limousine Bull - Aberdeen, United States

  • 2006 Solo Exhibition / Art Forms Gallery - Redbank, United States

  • 2005 Solo Exhibition / Art Forms - Redbank, United States

  • 2004 Solo Exhibition / Viscaya - New York, United States

  • 1997 Solo Exhibition / Jardin Des Artes - Tokyo, Japan

  • 1997 Solo Exhibition / Keith Keller Gallery - Guanajuato, Mexico

  • 1992 Solo Exhibition / Limelight - New York, United States

  • 1991 Solo Exhibition / East End Ensemble - New York, United States

  • 1984 Solo Exhibition / Helio Galleries - New York, United States

  • 1983 Solo Exhibition / Darinka Gallery - New York, United States

In Other Media

6sqft — My 1,400 sq ft: Painter Stephen Hall Brings Us Into His Greenwich Village Loft and Studio

New York 1 News Channel — Interview by Agnes Chung, October 9, 2014


Queens Chronicle — October 9, 2014

Artist Bio

Born in Aberdeen, Scotland, Stephen Hall moved to New York in 1978 and began exhibiting his work in the East Village in the early ‘80s. Stephen Hall has had a long and successful career since his arrival in New York, exhibiting in the USA, the UK, Mexico, and Japan. His work is in numerous prestigious private and corporate collections worldwide, such as the private collection of Andy Warhol, Diana Ross and Johnny Depp. Mr. Hall has illustrated numerous book covers for internationally published authors. "Red House Mystery" A.A. Milne, "High Rise" J.G. Ballard and "A Can of Worms" by Russell Greenan to name a few.


"There are no digital prints, photographs, collage, airbrush, or projections involved in my work. The subjects and ambiguous light sources are hand-painted rows and rows of acrylic colors or tones, going from dark to light in countless layers. All the patterns are drawn first around a cardboard template upon the background field color and then painted tonally to match the background. Each painting can take anywhere from three to six weeks to execute, depending on the size.


"I am interested in showing the relationships we all have, whether in time or place. I also try to show the pattern in chaos and, perhaps, the overload of information that we are bombarded with in our modern times". - Stephen Hall

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