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Xiangdong Chen

Artist Bio


Fine artist Xiangdong Chen will be holding a solo exhibition, "Tranquility" at Stride Arts Gallery from Sep.6th to Sept 20th, 2021, sponsored by the New York City Artist Foundation (NYFA.) 31 pieces of artwork with different themes will be on display. One series, "The Buddha Sound," reflects a peaceful heart during a dark period in relation to the beginning of the covid virus. The "Lotus" series signifies faith through uncertainty where the flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom in remarkable beauty. Xiangdong's work originate during the height of the pandemic, hoping to bring some calm and light into dreadful times. "Envisioning the lotus brings me hope, a sense of purity to my heart," a quote from the artist which defines strength through balance that flows into the mind and body by our emotions to reach tranquility.


© Stride Arts. Image courtesy of the artist.

Xiangdong Chen was born in Nantong, China in 1963, where he attended Nantong University - School of Fine Arts. After graduating from Nantong University in 1987, Chen moved on to continue his studies at the Print Program of Nanjing Academy, completing his program in 1991. From 1989 to today, Chen has continued to refine his practice, making him one of the most prominent international Chinese print artists of our century. He is currently based in New York, NY.


Chen’s most recent work puts a contemporary twist on the traditional craft of porcelain by infusing ink paint into his pieces. He is deeply involved in the entire process, from the selection of the clay through to the kiln-firing. Chen has mastered the delicate dance between these two unwieldy media to create a body of work that is exceptionally unique and elegantly straddles the cultures of the East and the West.


Chen is a member of the China Artists Association, the China Association of Print Artists, and the Society of American Graphic Artists (SAGA). His work can be found in numerous collections, including the National Art Museum of China, Jiangsu Museum of Art, United Nations, Si Chuan Divine Printmaking Museum and Taiwan Tainan Museum, Yingge Ceramics Museum in Taiwan, National Taiwan Normal University, and the Nanjing Arts Institute.



Selected Exhibitions

  • 1989 The 7th National Fine Arts Exhibition, Beijing, China.

  • 1990 The 10th National Printmaking Exhibition, Hangzhou, China

  • 1991 The 5th Taiwan International Biennial Prints Exhibition, Taipei.

  • 1992 The 11th National Printmaking Exhibition, Yinchuan, China

  • 1993 Jiangsu Provincial Prints Exhibition (winner of Award of Excellence, Nanjing, China

  • 1994 The 8th Chinese National Fine Arts Exhibition, Beijing, China

  • 1995 The 6th Chinese National Contemporary Printmaking Exhibition, Beijing, China

  • 1996 The 13th National Printmaking Exhibition, Nanjing, China

  • 1997 Jiangsu Provincial Prints Exhibition (winner of Excellence Award), Nanjing, China

  • 2000 2K International Prints Exhibition, Taiwan

  • 2001 The 4th GASASA Exhibition of Crack Modern Fine Arts, GASASA Museum of Art,

  • 2002 Sino-Japanese Modern Art Exhibition, ASGO Museum of Art, Japan

  • 2003 Exhibition of Chinese Modern Graphic Art, St. John’s University New York, U.SA.

  • 2004 Taiwan International Mini Prints Invitational Exhibition, Taiwan Normal University Art Museum, Taipei

  • 2005 Qidong Prints Exhibition in celebration of the 20th Anniversary of Qibong Prints Institue--China’s first institute of graphic art

  • 2013 Riverside Landscape---A Century of Nantong in Images and Ink, an art exhibition at the National Art Gallery, Beijing, China

  • 2014 Art Exhibition in Celebration of the Fifth United Nations Chinese Language Day

  • 2019 The infusion of INK and CLAY, Solo Art Exhibition in Stride Arts NYC

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