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Xiangdong Chen

Artist Bio


Fine artist Xiangdong Chen will be holding a solo exhibition, "Tranquility" at Stride Arts Gallery from Sep.6th to Sept 20th, 2021, sponsored by the New York City Artist Foundation (NYFA.) 31 pieces of artwork with different themes will be on display. One series, "The Buddha Sound," reflects a peaceful heart during a dark period in relation to the beginning of the covid virus. The "Lotus" series signifies faith through uncertainty where the flower grows in muddy water and rises above the surface to bloom in remarkable beauty. Xiangdong's work originate during the height of the pandemic, hoping to bring some calm and light into dreadful times. "Envisioning the lotus brings me hope, a sense of purity to my heart," a quote from the artist which defines strength through balance that flows into the mind and body by our emotions to reach tranquility.