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Melody in Smoke

July 29 - September 2, 2021
1110 2 Ave F2, New York, NY 10022

Opening Reception
Melody in Smoke

The Modern Art Meets Chamber Music series continues with a solo piano concert, Romantic Landscapes, adorning the exhibition opening of Melody in Smoke by New York-based Armenian painter Mher Khachatryan. Italian-born pianist Sandro Russo, acclaimed for his profound sense of poetry and distinctive style, will present a rich collection of Romantic masterpieces, featuring works by Schumann, Chopin, as well as four of the most dazzling and highly evocative Transcendental Etudes by Liszt. Surrounding the music will be Mher Khachatryan’s mesmerizing interpretation of the lingering connection between darkness and light, the living and the dead, the past and the present: smoke. Created from extinguished flame, smoke carries the remnants of light and life, hinting life’s fragility. Through masterful oil painting, Khachatryan’s captures the ethereal, delicate, and elusive nature of smoke, reminding us to stay connected to this world and the one beyond. 

Join us for a solo piano concert performed by the esteemed pianist Sandro Russo and the exhibition opening of Melody in Smoke by artist Mher Khachatryan. This ticket includes refreshments and snacks. All ticketing proceeds from the event will go to the musician. After the opening exhibition, Melody in Smoke will run from 7/29/21 to 9/2/21.

Modern Arts Meets Chamber Music 1920x740

About the Exhibition


The most common question I’m asked: “Why smoke?”


I don’t paint just smoke. It’s me in the smoke, and you. It’s us, and everyone and everything

you know. I’m the smoke, the spirit. I’m you, and I’m in everything and everywhere. Like the

smoke, I flow freely. I let go and become my creation.


When you look at my paintings, I want you to feel and to be who you are to be. Listen to the

music and march to it—the music that only you can hear when you are in complete silence.That is your journey.


The Smoke Artist

Concert Program

program 7.26.jpeg


© 2021Melody in Smoke opening night at Stride Arts

Live Piano and Live Painting

© Sandro Russo (pianist) X Mher Khachatryan(artist)
  Solo Piano Concert 「Romantic Landscapes 」and Art Exhibition Opening 「Melody in Smoke」
The fourth concert of the Modern Art Meets Chamber Music Series at Stride Arts.