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Beyond the Image
超以像外 2020 QX Wang Recent Works

Oct.16-Nov.30, 2020
1110 2 Ave F2, New York, NY 10022

New York, NY - Stride Arts is pleased to present Beyond the Image featuring recent artwork by Chinese contemporary artist and philosopher QX Wang. This exhibition brings together QX Wang’s thirty-three paintings and fifty ceramics. 

QX Wang is a philosopher and a pioneer in the Chinese contemporary and modern art world. 


“Artists are the gateway to our future and they are agitators and disruptors” Kasseem “ Swizz Beatz” Dean, Art News, 2020 winter. 

QX. Wang is definitely one of them.  


For QX Wang, a native of Laizhou, Shandong, the beautiful Daze Mountain of his native land is his major source of inspiration. In tribute, he has adopted “Da Ze Ren” as his artistic name.


Mr. Wang started to practice Chinese calligraphy at a very young age.  He later received his master’s degree in art and Ph.D. in philosophy and English literature from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania.  A natural-born artist even though he only began to paint professionally at 52, his talents were discovered and recognized immediately in China, Taiwan, Japan, and the US. 


Mr. Wang uses long and heavy brushes to draw or write on Xuan paper, often employing a mixed medium of watercolor, acrylic, and oil paint. There is great emphasis on line of all varieties. Viewing his work from a distance, one can readily appreciate the element of Chinese calligraphy.

In his own words “painting is an extension of calligraphy, and calligraphy is the dance form between the pen and ink”. QX Wang’s brushstrokes pay attention to the sense of order, flow, and rhythm. They make you feel like he is writing a story with the music. 


For the last 25 years, he has participated in many solo and group art exhibitions worldwide. Many pieces of his art have been collected in art museums in China and Taiwan. His collectors include individuals and corporations from China, Japan, and the US.


Beyond The Image_ Invitation_Private.png



© 2020 Stride Arts. QX Wang introducing his artworks during opening night of his solo show "Beyond the Image" at Stride Arts.


IMG_2357 2.JPG
2.12.2021 | Happy Lunar New Year 

In the Stride Arts exhibition hall, QX Wang painted on-site to celebrate the Lunar New Year-Year of the Ox

4.2020 | Art in America Magazine

The current show BEYOND THE IMAGE: 2020 QX WANG RECENT WORKS, presented by Stride Arts, provides the public with an unusual view of art. Free from the confinement by the image, the artist could be able to move freely around the image, treat it with wits and humor as what ancient scholars meant by “aloft beyond the image” and “forget the shape for the meaning”.

10.15.2020 | 世界日報 紐約報導 大澤人新展「超以像外」 談新冠期間創作


10.16.2020 | 世界日報 紐約報導 大澤人「超以像外」個展 張揚牛馬韌性

華裔藝術家大澤人最新個展「超以像外」(Beyond the Image)16日起在曼哈頓「Stride Arts」藝廊開展。原訂3月的展覽因新冠疫情延期到10月,大澤人表示,疫情的考驗冥冥之中與此次個展「牛的故事」系列作品所體現的精神相合,「正好考驗作為藝術家堅忍不拔的『牛性』韌性」;而首度展出的近50件陶藝作品,也有多件採用「好事多磨」的特別創作手法。

42 MOONRISE OVER THE SEA 海上生明月  .tif
10.19.2020 | A Great Start!

We at Stride Arts are so proud and pleased with the wonderful response we received to our most recent event held last Friday, the opening of ‘​Beyond the Image​’​ featuring over 80 recent paintings and ceramics by QX Wang. Our guests included art critics from ​Art in America​, editors of ​World Journal​, art influencers including the ​Miss China International 2018​, reporters from different media and our international art collectors.

OX STORY (19-15) 27X113.5IN. MIXED MEDIA
10.27.2020 |Artist of the Week QX WANG

QX Wang received master’s and doctoral degrees in philosophy and English literature from the Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has taught for over thirty years at institutions of higher learning throughout the US and in China and has been a guest lecturer at many top universities including Harvard.

QX WANG 形象照.jpeg
10.30.2020 | ARTnews on Instagram

“Beyond the Image: QX Wang Recent Works 2020” is currently on view at Stride Arts in Manhattan through November 30. QX Wang spoke with ARTnews about the exhibition, his artistic process, and more. Swipe to read his responses. 

SWAN LAKE(15-48) ¦8¦8¦¦ú¿15-48ú¬   27i
11.2.2020 | Open for Inspiration

Since opening on October 16th, 2020, ‘Beyond the Image’ has not only received enthusiastic visitors and great feedback but also raving reviews from critics and the media. Last week, Stride Arts was honored to host ARTnews, World Journal, and The China Press interviews with artist QX Wang.

OX STORYú¿18-5ú¬ +ú¦-¦---ú¿18-5ú¬
11.29.2020 |


11.29.2020 | 大泽人王庆祥腹中怀画大器晚成


4-1 牛的故事 OX STORY (19-10) 122X122CM MIXE
1.27.2021 | The Meaning of Ox

This past autumn QX Wang, a philosopher and an inspiring artist, was featured at a solo exhibition ‘Beyond the Image’ at Stride Arts gallery. 

In this exhibit, more than 20 powerful pieces from Wang’s ‘Ox Story Series’ were shown. Wang utilizes a variety of artistic styles and media. 

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