QX Wang

Artist Bio

QX WANG 形象照.jpeg

© Stride Arts. Image courtesy of the artist.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2019 “Difference Means Art”, Solo Exhibition. Baiyaxuan Art Center, 798. Beijing.

  • 2019 “Not as What You See”, Solo Exhibition. Dahewan Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing.

  • 2019 “2019 2ND Hudson International Contemporary Art Show”, New York.

  • 2018 “2nd Grain Rain: Q. X. Wang Solo Exhibition”. Inno Art Center, Xinzhu, Taiwan.

  • 2017 “Ceramic Art: New Vocabularies-Second National Tri-Annual Exhibition”. Guangzhou, China.

  • 2017 “Accomplished in Dreams: Q. X. Wang’s Recent Works.” Baiyaxuan Art Center, Beijing.

  • 2016 “Looking Back at the East: Q. X. Wang’s Art - A Parallel Show with Picasso Entering China.”

  • 2016 “Probing East and West – Q. X. Wang, Chen Xiangdong, Zhang Lanjun.” Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Tai Pei.

  • 2015 “Fukui, Hsu, Mann, Wang.” Group Show at Flynn Gallery, Greenwich Library, Connecticut.

  • 2007 “The Unusual Way: Q. X. Wang Art Phenomenon.” Shanghai Art Museum.

  • 2005 “Traditions Challenged.” Nation