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QX Wang

Artist Bio

QX WANG 形象照.jpeg

© Stride Arts. Image courtesy of the artist.

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2019 “Difference Means Art”, Solo Exhibition. Baiyaxuan Art Center, 798. Beijing.

  • 2019 “Not as What You See”, Solo Exhibition. Dahewan Art Museum, Songzhuang, Beijing.

  • 2019 “2019 2ND Hudson International Contemporary Art Show”, New York.

  • 2018 “2nd Grain Rain: Q. X. Wang Solo Exhibition”. Inno Art Center, Xinzhu, Taiwan.

  • 2017 “Ceramic Art: New Vocabularies-Second National Tri-Annual Exhibition”. Guangzhou, China.

  • 2017 “Accomplished in Dreams: Q. X. Wang’s Recent Works.” Baiyaxuan Art Center, Beijing.

  • 2016 “Looking Back at the East: Q. X. Wang’s Art - A Parallel Show with Picasso Entering China.”

  • 2016 “Probing East and West – Q. X. Wang, Chen Xiangdong, Zhang Lanjun.” Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Memorial Hall. Tai Pei.

  • 2015 “Fukui, Hsu, Mann, Wang.” Group Show at Flynn Gallery, Greenwich Library, Connecticut.

  • 2007 “The Unusual Way: Q. X. Wang Art Phenomenon.” Shanghai Art Museum.

  • 2005 “Traditions Challenged.” National Art Museum of China, Beijing.


aka Da Ze Ren 大泽人


QX Wang, aka Da Ze Ren, born in Shandong, Laizhou, 1942 received his Ph.D. from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. He has taught for over thirty years at Henan University, China, West Chester University of Pennsylvania, Indiana University of Pennsylvania, and St. John’s University in New York. 


He has served as president of the Chinese Painters Association, academician and honorary president of the Academy of Asian Arts, president of New York Contemporary Artists and the New York Modern and Contemporary Art Research Institute.


Critics say: “QX Wang is extremely courageous in exploring his own way for renovation. He has successfully established his style which is emotional, passionate, and rich in calligraphic properties” and “Due to his unique cultural ideology, broad perspective, and art practice, he is regarded as a representative figure and his art as a significant existence in contemporary art”.

As doing painting, QX Wang set his own approach, at the very beginning, to draw upon tradition for techniques and to combine them with contemporary concepts so that his own ceramic art can be established. He has been well equipped with the unique features and techniques of the important kilns, to name a few, the rich kiln-change glazes of Jun Kiln,the serene and low-tone glazes of Ru Kiln, the non-showing-off character of the ivory-white glaze of Dengfeng Kiln, the rustic touch and the mysterious kiln-change tones of Miaoli wood-firing,and the internationally well-known grandeur and flawlessness of Jingdezhen Kiln. 


QX Wang has been widely exhibited internationally. His work has been highly coveted in China, Taiwan, Japan, USA, England, Germany, Spain, France, and elsewhere.

Selected Publications

  • “Contemporary Genres: Q. X. Wang.” People’s Fine Art Publishing House. Beijing. 2010.

  • “Mind Outside Images.” Zhengzhou, China.  

  • “The Unusual Way: Q. X. Wang Art Phenomenon.” Beijing, 2007.  

  • “Contemporary Chinese Artists: Q. X. Wang.” Huawei Publishers. Beijing. 2006. 5. “Q. X. Wang: Selected Works. “People’s Fine Art Publishing House. 2005.  

In the Media

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