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Stride Arts Solo Exhibition:

The Hand of Man

Stride Arts is pleased to present The Hand of Man, paintings by Brazilian artist Totonho. The exhibition, showing over thirty colorful and meaningful paintings by renowned Brazilian painter Totonho, was on view from November 21 to December 15, 2019.

“We are honored to present Totonho’s first solo exhibition at our gallery”. “Totonho’s paintings not only celebrate the beauty and purity of nature, they also redeem one’s hope and inspire viewers to love and protect our environment, and to dream and to strive for a better ecological future.” The exhibition The Hand of Man takes viewers on an extraordinary trip through the Brazilian rain forest, showcasing its forest and fauna. The beautiful trees, plants, rivers and birds in Totonho's paintings remind us of the importance of nature. In addition, his critical paintings show the side of mankind we don't like; destruction, devastation, and even racism and the inequality it engenders. Still his critical paintings often have an element of the positive due to Totonho’s optimism and dreams of a better future for all. We wish to introduce and share Totonho’s story, art, and vision with New Yorkers and the world”,

Chang Ge Aaronson, Director Marketing Group at Stride Arts

Totonho Stride Arts.jpg

© 2020 Stride Arts. Totonho signing the backdrop wall during opening night of his solo show "The Hand of Man" at Stride Arts.

Artist Bio

Totonho-painter-by-Natan-Fox (1).jpg

© Natan Fox. Image courtesy of the artist.

Totonho is a self-taught artist, who was born on the countryside in the state of Bahia. He started to paint at a very early age, living on his grandparents' farm.


During his adolescence, the family moved to Salvador, the capital of Bahia. There Totonho refined his craft and had his first exhibition in 1974. An invitation from Spain in 1988 resulted in his first exhibition outside of Brazil. Since then he has been touring globally and showing his work in Portugal, France, Spain, Great Britain, Belgium, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, The Netherlands, Canada and the US.


Nature is the main subject of Totonho's work. By showing the beauty of the Brazilian rainforest, and the devastation of natural beauty by mankind, he aims to contribute to the preservation of nature. Many people worldwide, including composer Robert Irving III and photographer Roberto Dutesco, have been inspired and moved by Totonho's paintings.

Solo Exhibitions

2019 JMG Gallery – New York, USA
2013 Südwestbank – Stuttgart, Germany
2012 Gerson Jewelers – Salvador, BA, Brazil
2011 Gallery Écuries – Waterloo, Belgium
2011 Galeria Spazio Surreale – São Paulo, Brazil
2009 Anne Lloyd Gallery – Decatur, Illinois, USA
2006 Gallery Geraldes da Silva – Porto, Portugal
2006 Gallery TopArt – Neuss, Germany
2006 Exhibition Center Monumental – Lisbon, Portugal
2006 Atelier 9 – Amsterdam, The Netherlands
2005 Gallery Arte Imagen – A Coruña, Spain
2004 Nassauer Stall, Wickrath Castle – Mönchengladbach, Germany
2003 Picoas Plaza Gallery – Lisbon, Portugal
2003 Fundação Araguaney – Santiago de Compostela, Spain
2002 Hotel Tivoli Portugal 2002 Exhibition Center Forum Picoas – Lisbon, Portugal
1996 CGER Bank – Brussels, Belgium
1994 African American Caribbean Center – Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA
1993 European Institute for Ecology – Metz, France
1993 Gallery Thermelle – Nancy, France
1993 Fine Arts School – Dijon, France
1990 Canning House – London, Great-Britain
1988 Congress and Exhibition Palace of Córdoba, Spain
1973 Bar Rouxinol – Capoeiruçu, Bahia, Brazil

Group Exhibitions

2020 International Exhibition – Lautenbach Zell, France
2019 Sisal – Salvador, Brazil
2019 International Exhibition – Lautenbach Zell, France
2018 International Exhibition – Lautenbach Zell, France
2017 Dreamscapes – Tannpapier – Traun, Austria
2017 LiR – Galeria de Arte – Lagoa, Algarve, Portugal
2017 International Exhibition – Lautenbach Zell, France
2016 Les Artistes du Monde – Lautenbach Zell, France
2015 Les Artistes du Monde – Lautenbach Zell, France
2014 Les Artistes du Monde – Lautenbach Zell, France
2013 Les Artistes du Monde – Lautenbach Zell, France
2012 Les Artistes du Monde – Lautenbach Zell, France
2011 International Biennial of Contemporary Art – Florence, Italy
2011 Salon International de l’Art Contemporaines – Marseille, France
2011 Les Artistes du Monde – Lautenbach Zell, France
2010 Les Artistes du Monde – Lautenbach Zell, France
2009 Gina Gallery – New York, USA
2009 Biennial de Artes Plásticas Brasileiras – Brussels, Belgium
2009 Les Artistes du Monde – Lautenbach Zell, France
2008 Iberostar Bahia Hotel – Praia do Forte, Bahia, Brazil
2008 Pot Interieur – Axel, The Netherlands
2008 Salon International Artistes Contemporains -Geneva, Switzerland

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