Chu Okoli, Dialogue,Oil on canvas, 60x120in

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_ 平行宇宙Parallel universe 2019 Acrylic on

Chuang’s artworks have displayed the unique skill which combines painting with wood carving. Chuang knows well how to present the twisted and overlapped spaces via his creations—the images are restructured after his bold deconstructions. 


His style is innovative, emotional, passionate, and rich  in calligraphic properties. His solo exhibition featuring recent works from 2020 is installed at the Stride Arts Gallery from 0ct 16 to Nov 30.


His work is in numerous prestigious private and corporate collections worldwide, such as the private collection of Andy Warhol, Diana Ross and Johnny Depp.


Today, it is easy to understand why Impressionism is a pillar of modern art history but, in the 19th century, some critics compared it to wallpaper.

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