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Ballet Slippers on Diagheliv’s Tomb

Ballet Slippers on Diagheliv’s Tomb

Judi Harvest

Ballet Slippers on Diagheliv’s Tomb

Watercolor on paper for "The Mysterious Traveling Honeybees of Venice" artist book, 2019
9.8 x 14.1 inches

  • Art Description

    Original Watercolors created on site in Venice fo the Mysterious Traveling Honeybees of Venice book, 2019

    Each watercolor painting comes with signed copy of the book

    Honeybees travel 3 miles out and 3 miles back to their hives each day foraging for flowers. In Venice where I have my 8 honeybee colonies since 2013, I noticed them riding on the vaporetto with me when I travel to Murano. I realized that the distances are too far for them to fly without resting and the Laguna di Venezia is a large body of water. Honeybees can do a lot of things including dancing, but they do not swim. The vaporettos are reliable and no one bothers them as they ride outdoors. I have video taped them, photographed them and followed them to the very sites I painted in this book. This is a 100% true story.

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