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The Smoke

The Smoke


Mher Khachatryan

The Smoke

Oil on Canvas

78 in x 288 in

  • Art Description

    “The Smoke” is one of my larger pieces, and very important. This painting shows 7 women in it, struggling because of smoking, and breaking free from it. On World NO tobacco day, May 31st 2017 I was invited to Have a Solo show in United Nation NYC. This painting was the centerpiece of the show. WHO spoke about the painting and its importance. In 2018, The smoke piece was shown at DeVos convention center in Grand Rapids MI with over 200,000 visitors and many feedbacks, but the one I remember most clearly was a lady who came 2 days in the row and had tears in her eyes, I asked her why ? Her answer was, “After looking at this painting, I went home and threw my cigarets away and promised myself not to smoke ever again”. Even if this painting changes 1 person's life, I’m happy.

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