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Space Warp
  • Space Warp

    SKU: SA-PHO-PAJ-030

    Peter Andrew Jeschke

    Space Warp, 2019



    Digital Photographic Image, B&W, Printed on Metal with narrow white border containing title, date, signature, numeration, High gloss, black Metal wide Frame

    • Art Description

      My newest artistic endeavor to be shown to the public is titled “Abstract Reflections.” These are photographic images of reflections in glass-clad buildings. Due to the physical properties of glass, unlike mirrors, glass-clad buildings reflect abstractions of the world around them. Each building is different. Often, these abstract reflections are recognizable as buildings, but upon closer inspection, portions of these abstractions can have appealing compositions. I like the rigid constraints of the manmade building rectangles that control the abstractions. It’s like how we are all consigned to a societal box, but within each box we display our own unique individuality. Several or more of these individual abstract images can combine to form a pleasingly complete composition. In this image I feel I am looking into another dimension beyond these white walls.

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