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Peter Andrew Jeschke

Artist Bio

Peter Andrew Jeschke graduated high school in 1968, travelled extensively, and met and married his wife Rizona in India in 1972.  He enrolled in college at age 25, pursued his BSc and MSc in Earth Sciences and continues his long and successful professional career as a geophysicist. Peter and Rizona have a home named “Orina Cottage” in Meghalaya, India, and a small farm named “CloverCroft” in New Hampshire, USA. They have two sons, one grandchild and a large extended family. They shuttle between their US and India homes and perform charitable work through their Provide the Basics charity.

Peter has taken photographs since he was a teenager, but only later in life has he turned photography into a profession. Peter says, “My personal quest is to be at the right places at the right moments to experience the world’s wonders. Whether those moments are the miraculous birth of a child, the formation of a rainbow, the artful interplay of light and architecture, a fleeting expression on a transcendently beautiful face, a glorious sunrise, a spectacular sunset, frost silently forming out of thin air, or the climactic result of human endeavor, I want to hear and see and feel it all!  My professional mission is to capture those special moments of wonder as impactful photographic images, and to share them – to educate, to entertain, and to inspire.”


© Peter Andrew Jeschke. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Currently, Peter is focused on capturing images of “natural art,” which are works of art found in nature, formed by natural processes.  Whether or not Nature can create art is a controversial subject.


Peter has a BSc and MSc in Earth Sciences and has had a long and successful professional career as a geophysicist.

Exhibitions at Stride Arts

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