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Ready to Harvest
  • Ready to Harvest

    SKU: SA-PHO-PAJ-006

    Peter Andrew Jeschke

    Ready to Harvest.



    Digital Photographic Image, Color, Printed on Metal, semi-gloss, Black American Statement frame, Signature only on front of print

    • Art Description

      I have been capturing images of frost on my windows for the past six winters. Warm moist air escapes from my old house and forms crystalline frost compositions on the windows. The millions of individual crystals diffract and refract colors from the outside world in remarkable ways. In the spirit of the Moon Festival, I present a series of eight images of frost on my windows, paired with haiku, which I hope the viewer sees as something more than just ice crystals. Study the images, read the haiku and be transported to special moments in celebration of the moon and of the harvest.”

      Harvest Moon shines down

      On fruit laden trees. It’s time!

      Tomorrow we pick.


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