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Ox Story (19-15)

Ox Story (19-15)


QX Wang

Ox Story (19-15), 2019

Mixed Media on Paper

27 x 13.5 in

69 x 34 cm

  • Art Description

    Ox Story (19-15)


    “Can you do it like a baby to take in the vital breath and bring it to the utmost degree of flexibility?” --- Lao Zi:DAO DE JING 抟气至柔,能婴儿乎?--- 老子《道德经》 I use 10% of my efforts to work on art works, but 90% to retrieve my mind of childishness. Superficially, this work is executed closely following the canon of ink painting, but, indeed, I tried to make the cow image, the horns, the eyes, the nostrils, the legs and hooves, as much as possible, childish and unsophisticated.

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