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  • Mooncakes

    SKU: SA-PHO-PAJ-004

    Peter Andrew Jeschke

    Mooncakes, 2021,



    Digital Photographic Image, Color, Printed on Kodak Endura Metallic with thin white border containing title, date, numeration and signature, black metal box frame, Acrylic, wide double mat

    • Art Description

      Mooncakes are traditional treats enjoyed during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Moon watching and appreciating the moon's significance marking the harvest are best done while sharing and eating these delicious sweet-filled bakery items with family and friends.

      月饼是中秋节的传统美食。 在与家人和朋友分享和品尝这些美味的甜馅的点心的同时,欣赏着标志着标志收获意义的月亮是最好的事情。

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