Antelopes (14-4)

Antelopes (14-4)


QX Wang

Antelopes (14-4), 2014

Ink and Color on Paper

13.5 x 13.5 in

34 x 34 cm

  • Art Description

    Antelopes (14-4)




    闪闪烁烁, 高草如梭。

    何物骚动, 惊扰你我?

    Shivering And quivering, The tall grasses Are lances like.

    Beyond, What is stirring Us, antelopes, Grazing in peace?

    I want to call the viewer’s attention to the shivering effect and the gazing eyes of the three antelopes amid the tall grasses. I focus on the instant when the antelopes lift their heads and gaze at the front: “What’s going on over there?” It seems that they are ready to take off.


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