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Katherine Maude Thomas

Artist Bio


© Katherine Maude Thomas (Kate) Image courtesy of the Artist.

Katherine Maude Thomas (Kate) graduated from Franklin and Marshall College in 2013 with a Joint Studio Art and Creative Writing Degree. After moving to New York City to pursue acting, “Kate” continued to paint, build and create art pieces in her free time. After meeting her husband, Jon, who serves active duty in the USMC, Kate began working more extensively on her art, while filming her process and uploading it to Instagram, to pass time during one of his deployments. During a chance incident when her pug, Louie, knocked a cup of paint to the floor of her studio, Kate was able to observe the color of the paint interlaced with the color of her floor and chose to continue experimenting with fluid painting, slowly adding in other materials to create mixed media pieces. Although she goes by her artist name, Katherine Maude Thomas, she also is very commonly known as “The Little Louie Studio” which she named after her pug. She finds inspiration in natural forms and the five natural elements and incorporates earth’s minerals, elements crystals to channel their positive energies through most of her work. However, she also has a home goods line and creates custom chessboards, cutting boards, and more. using her fluid painting technique, epoxy, and other materials.  repeat.

Kate uses a mix of techniques and styles for her art pieces incorporating abstract, impressionism, fluid and mixed media throughout each art series. Most of her pieces contain Epoxy Resin, but it is not used primarily to finish the piece, rather, Kate uses it to create layers and depth with acrylic paints, inks, and other materials mixed into it. Each and every piece, whether it be fluid mixed media style, abstract paintings, or the creation of home goods, is meant to evoke happiness and beauty, through the use of vivid colors, while also incorporating music energy. Each piece, she plays music and the energy of each piece is dictated to what Kate is listening to during the time of creation. For a more rapid and aggressive creation style, she puts on some of her favorite bands: Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Who, Jimi Hendrix, and more of the classic rock bands. For a smoother and softer piece with relaxation: Van Morrison, The Temptations, Norah Jones, etc. are usually played on repeat.


Kate’s artwork ranges in sizes as she believes not all pieces need to be “big and grand” to be beautiful. Some of her commonly sold pieces are only 4x4 minis, which she recommends people putting on their work desk to alleviate stress within the work environment. She also custom cuts certain pieces of wood to make mixed media hanging sculptures, which she feels gives the art a sense of freedom in a freeform. If she doesn’t know how to create something, she is constantly learning and loves to teach herself new techniques, styles and knowledge. She is also educating herself when it comes to ideas and building new pieces.  


“I have always been an artist. My artistic interest was born after my father used to hand draw me story books when I was a child. Seeing him create horses and landscapes from a blank piece of paper intrigued me. Growing up, I would create my own custom story books, craft, draw, etc. I even face painted all of the kids in my neighborhood at one point. Throughout college I realized my hands are my tools- and when I moved to New York City, I began making artwork to alleviate not only the stressors from living in the “big city” but to also pass time while my husband was deployed. The vivid colors, crystals, the process- all that goes into making artwork, made me happy and I truly smiled when I looked at the beauty of each piece. Therefore, my goal is to make others happy in return. If someone passes my artwork and pauses to look, even if it is just for a brief moment, I have done my job. Why? Because in that moment, they paused, weren’t stressed, weren’t thinking about work, or family, or money, etc. They didn’t think of anything else around them…except that piece of artwork.”

Kate specifically custom made chessboards. Her chessboards incorporate custom tiling, woodwork and epoxy resin with custom made chess pieces. Most recently, she was featured in a Military Spouse blog, IN-Dependent, which discusses how she navigates her art while being involved with the military lifestyle.

Selected Exhibitions

2021 | Vibrancy Exhibition, Stride Arts, NY, NY

2020 | International Art Festival, NY, NY

2020 | Market Art & Design, Bridgehampton Museum, Hamptons, NY

2020 | Stride Arts Gallery Opening Night

2019 | ArtExpo NY- Solo Booth

Exhibitions at Stride Arts

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