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Stromboli Vase
  • Stromboli Vase

    Judi Harvest

    Stromboli Vase, 1990

    Murano glass, gold leaf, volcanic rock and water.
    27 x 41cm Diameter | 10.5 x 16 in Diameter

    • Art Description

      This is my first Murano glass sculpture and I created 6 unique examples of Stromboli.

      I spent 25 summers in the Eolian Islansds and each year visited the volcanic Island of Stromboli. This sculpture is inspired by the warm, transparent black chiffon waters of this magnificent, strong, fertile island of contrasts. We only see a part of Stromboli as much of it is below the water. Stromboli is an active and good volcano as it erupts almost daily and the lava flows down one side. It is inhabited and a beautiful island, but not for everyone…those nightly eruptions, hot black sand and boiling parts of the water can be exciting and inspired this sculpture.

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