Someday I
  • Someday I


    Liao Shiou-Ping

    Someday I, 1998

    Silkscreen ( edition 15 )

    16.9 x 24.8 inch
    43 x 63 cm

    • Art Description

      Someday I


      Printing: Printmaking


      The plain colors represent the artist’s inner peace and the understanding of life. People are like wine. Some of them are introvert, while some are extravert. When randomly picking someday in life, it could be the entire life. The pots placing there, are just like people standing here, telling their own stories. 



      Keywords: Pots, Fine Art

      Style: Fine Art

      Subject: Still Life, Fantasy

      Medium: Silkscreen & Collagraph

      Material: Paper

      Frame: Yes


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