Serene Fragrance II
  • Serene Fragrance II


    Liao Shiou-Ping

    Serene Fragrance II, 1991

    Silkscreen ( edition 20 ) 

    19.1 x 14.2 inch

    48.5 x 36 cm

    • Art Description

      Serene Fragrance II


      Printing: Printmaking


      The warm and gradually shading background made the objective standout. Liao tactfully picked the cherry colored, tidied up with the primary color series while giving a different theme of work. The still life is from the daily while Liao appreciate a higher level of happiness based on the plain life.




      Keywords: Still life, Printmaking, Piece, primary color, cups

      Subjects: Bottle and cups

      Style: Contemporary, Fine Arts, Chinese,  Modern Printmaking, Abstract

      Medium: Print

      Frame: Yes


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