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Manikin #85-1
  • Manikin #85-1


    Liao Shiou-Ping

    Manikin #85-1, 1985

    Silkscreen ( edition 30 )

    16.9 x 24.8 inch

    43 x 63 cm

    • Art Description

      Manikin #85


      Printing: Printmaking


      The manikin’s series was first created when Liao traveled in Pairs in 1983. Industrialization provided a mechanical world. People were living in a pre-set, systematic, and less flexible life. Liao used manikin to analogize the people in this era, possessively accepting family and love, which was an irony implied by Liao.



      Keywords: Gate, Fortune, printmaking, Chinese symbol

      Subjects: Chinese fortune gate

      Style: Contemporary, Fine Arts, Chinese,  Modern Printmaking, Abstract

      Medium: Print

      Frame: Yes

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