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Luft -the wind

Luft -the wind


Kristina Kossi

Luft -the wind, 2018

15H x 22W x 12D

Bonded Bronze on Aluminum Base

  • Art Description

    This sculpture means so much to me because it speaks to the idea of change, using wind as a metaphor and as a strong female figure, a sort of self-portrait, as the subject,” “The journey in life can sometimes feel like a roller coaster. I have at times felt as if I were floating along and everything were going smoothly and

    then suddenly all is turned upside down. But life is also about overcoming difficulties with poise and elegance. The concept of wind — how it blows forcefully, how it can hover and be still, how it is powerful and brutal

    and then soft as a whisper — is the symbolic voice speaking through this sculpture.”


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