• Life's Seasons V2, 2012, Silkscreen


    Liao Shiou-Ping

    Life's Seasons V2, 2012 ( 4 screens )

    Silkscreen ( Edition 28 )
    22.8 x 22.8 inch ( each screen )

    58 x 58 cm ( each screen )

    • Art Description

      Life's Seasons V2


      Printing: Printmaking


      A great piece of symbol life series. Here, Liao Shiou-Ping translated the material culture of the lives of ordinary people into artistic symbols by combining the art styles of modern paintings with local Taiwanese representative elements. The series featured the characteristics of oriental essence and Taiwanese aesthetics. 



      Keywords: Symbol Life, Fine Art, Contemporary, Printmaking

      Style: Folk Art, Fine Art

      Subject: Landscape

      Medium: Silkscreen

      Material: Paper

      Frame: Yes

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