Landmine Soliloquy
  • Landmine Soliloquy

    SKU: SA-MIX-HOW-24

    Howard Gross

    Landmine Soliloquy, 1985 

    Oil on panel

    36 x 36 inch

    91.5 x 91.5 cm

    • Art Description

      Landmine Soliloquy


      In 1997 Princess Diana visited a region of Angola populated with landmines to protest and bring attention to the tragedy wrought by these weapons. Howard finished this painting ten years earlier while living in New Orleans. He returned to the painting and changed the background color to light sky blue. Suddenly it looked like parts of the human body exploding skyward. Howard connected it to his reaction to Diana's visit and titled it accordingly.



      Keywords: Oil painting, abstract, contemporary, modern, blue, red, fine art

      Style: Fine Art, Modern

      Medium: Oil on Panel

      Frame: Yes, gold, wood


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