Date With Sunshine

Date With Sunshine


Liao Shiou-Ping

Date With Sunshine, 1996

Silkscreen ( edition 78 )

16.1 x 23.2 inch

41 x 59 cm

  • Art Description

    Date With Sunshine


    Printing: Printmaking


    Liao’s inner heart is dancing with the sunshine. Lotus is a symbol of purity, which seems to be easily obtainable, while in fact it is not the case. The ancient Chinese appreciated the character of lotus as ‘growing out of the mud yet never contaminates with it’ - from Chinese poem. “Is there a better way to let lotus date with the sunshine?”



    Keywords: Lotus, Primary Colors, Fine Art

    Style: Fine Art

    Subject: Floral

    Medium: Silkscreen

    Frame: Yes


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