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Desha Pose 2

Desha Pose 2


Kristina Kossi

Desha Pose 2, 2018

Plaster Relief

36 x 24 in

  • Art Description


    While at an auction house one day, I was sharing photos of my sculptures with the auctioneer. He told me that they reminded him of sculptor Harriet Frishmuth’s work. I immediately went home to look her up on the internet and was not only stunned and inspired by her work, I was also taken aback by the black and white photographs from the 1920’s of the model that frequently posed for her. Her name was Desha Delteil, and the magnificent photos of her were taken by photographer Nickolas Muray. She was an incredible model, as she was a dancer and could hold unusual poses for very long periods of time. I was given permission from his estate to create a series of reliefs based on those images. Desha Pose 2, 3 and 4 are inspired from those black and white photos of her.

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