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Mei Lu

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Artist Bio


Born in China, She graduated from the Fine Arts Academy at the Central Academy of Arts and Design in 1996, and continued her studies at CAFA , International Shuxiang Society and The Art Student League NYC. She is a professional artist whose works have been exhibited in China, the U.S. and the UK, France,Spain internationally. Her works are in the collection of museums and private collectors in China, the U.S. and Europe. 


Mei Lu's art works comes from her intensive study of different culture and her personal life experience. She thinks art is universalism, beyond time and space, Eastern and Western. In her “Pyramid” series, She repeat and overlay squares to form the “Pyramid” structure of our sub-consciousness “Reaching to the sky” illustrates the pathway that connects humans with the universe. "Pyramid” pushes through the earth’s gravity in the pursuit of dreams, spirits and the unknown, which awakes human self-awareness to pursue their dreams, spirits and restore more peace and love in the world. Her new creations “Folding” series, she folds and drape the paper to form different shape and layout, which like moving sculpture, she broke the structure to reshape new images from her heart. She said: Life is a Journey to return back home.

© Artron. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Solo Exhibitions

  • 2020 “Light Of Love” Lu Mei Solo show On the Fringe NYC gallery NY USA

  • 2019 “Oriental Legend” Leah Poller & Lu Mei Solo Exhibition Hui Space Beijing China

  • 2019 “Serenity” Lu Mei Solo Exhibition The Gather Space Beijing China

  • 2018 “Lu Mei Solo show at Red Dot Miami Basel 2018 ” Miami USA

  • 2018 “Painting is also thinking” solo Exhibition Yiyou Culture Gallery Beijing China

  • 2018 “Heart Trace” Lu Mei Solo Exhibition Cohim Gallery Beijing China

  • 2018 “In The Space Of Elsewhere” Lewisham Arthouse Gallery London UK

  • 2018 “ Behind The Red Door” Lu Mei solo exhibition Stamford CT USA

  • 2014 “Return” Solo Exhibition at Beijing 99 Museum China

Selected Group Exhibitions

  • 2020 “Worshipping in Spring. Awaken” Online Exhibition The Dahewan  Museum Beijing 

  • 2020 “COVID-19 ” Online Exhibition The Songzhuang Graffiti Beijing China

  • 2019 “Like That Of Water” The Art Gallery Of Morehead State University USA

  • 2019 “The Chines Ink Painting” The Art Museum of Nantong University China

  • 2019 “Like That Of Water” The Forest China Art Museum Beijing China

  • 2019 “Cross - Cultural Practice” Recent Works by Chinese Artists In New York CUNY NY

  • 2019 “Export 2019” A Joint Exhibition Of International Artists NY USA

  • 2018 “Spirit Animal” Coral Exhibition Mando Gallery Ibiza Spian

  • 2018 “Paper Moon” Group Exhibition in Contemporary Art Museum of Crete Greece

  • 2017 “The story of Art” Being 3 Gallery Beijing China

  • 2017 “The First Tsinghua Alumni Art Week” in UN & Artosino gallery New York USA

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