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Jin Xu

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Artist Bio


© Artron. Image courtesy of the Artist.

Xu Jin was born in 1958 in Huangyan city of Zhejiang province. At the age of fourteen, he passed a specialty exam on painting and was recruited into the Third Industrial Corps of the Zhejiang Production and Construction Corps based in the suburban city of Linping near Hangzhou. In 1977, when China resumed the College Entrance Exams, he was admitted into the ChinaAcademy of Fine Arts (formerly the Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts), majoring in oil painting. After his graduation, he worked briefly at the Hangzhou Institute of Industrial Arts, the School of Industrial Arts, and the Zhejiang Fine Arts Press. In 1985, he transferred to his Alma Mater and became a teacher in the Oil Painting Department. He worked first as an assistant professor, then as the assistant of the artist Maryn Varbanov at the Varbanov Tapestry Studio. During that time, Xu co-founded the " '85 New Space" group that became an important part of the " '85 New Wave" movement. In 1987, he won the "Artistic Dialogues Award" given by the Association of Artistic Dialogues in France, as well as many national awards. He held an exhibition in the United States in 1989 and later settled down in New York City. In 2012, he was hired as a professor by the College of Arts and Design at Nanchang University. He now has studios in both New York and Hangzhou, where he works and holds exhibitions.

Exhibitions at Stride Arts

Selected Exhibitions

  • 2018   Say Goodbye to Dream - Solo Exhibition, Xi Xi Yi De Gallery, Hangzhou-China

  • 2018   Breath in Dreams - Solo Exhibition, Grady Alexis Gallery, New York - US

  • 2018.  Conversation - Solo Exhibition, Ningbo Art Museum, Ningbo China​

  • 2017   Scintillation - Solo Exhibition, MKTG, New York - US

  • 2016   Breaking Dawn - Solo Exhibition, Xi Wu Art Center, Beijing China

  • 2013   Between Fantasy and Nightmare - Solo Exhibition, M50 Shanghai University  

  • 2013   Art School 99 Creation Center, Shanghai - China

  • 2012   Joined Nanchang University as Professor in School of Art and Design

  • 2010   New York, NY - Solo Exhibition, Jingquan Gallery, Boston - US 

  • 2008   Life and Death - Solo Exhibition, Hongmiao Gallery, Shanghai China

  • 2008.  Xunjin Works on Paper - Solo Exhibition, Suzhou Art Museum, Suzhou China

  • 2007   Stories in New York Subway - Solo Exhibition, Jingquan Gallery, Boston - US


Midnight ,1985 Oil on Canvas Auctioned in 2016

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