• Toothpaste Cannot Go Back In The Tube, 2020, Acrylic on Canvas

    SKU: SA-AC-STE-01

    Stephen Hall

    Toothpaste Cannot Go Back In The Tube, 2020

    Acrylic on canvas 

    84 x 50 inch

    • Art Description

      Toothpaste Cannot Go Back In The Tube


      This painting depicts an Orangutan and a Chihuahua on a melting ice flow. The Orangutan is holding up a toothpaste tube, not only as a piece of plastic garbage left by humanity, but also as a metaphor for the irreparable damage we are inflicting on our world. Thus the title of the painting. I also wanted to make the background as important to the message as the two characters and objects. The Chihuahua is barking out the title.



      Keywords: Plastic Garbage, Damage, Fine Art

      Style: Fine Art, Modern

      Subject: Fantasy

      Medium: Acrylic

      Material: Canvas

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