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Night Shift Cherry Blossoms III

Night Shift Cherry Blossoms III

Judi Harvest

Night Shift Cherry Blossoms III, 2021

Oil paint on linen

20 X 16 inches

  • Art Description

    For all of its urban metropolis aesthetic, Central Park is governed as much by the laws of nature as an open field, or a cluster of wildflowers sprung up by the side of the road.  That is, life forms wishing to inhabit it take no notice of zip codes, and nature continues to put on her displays regardless of surrounding avenues and buildings.


    Walking through Central Park early one evening last year, I anticipated the possibility of seeing bats along with the blossoming tof cherry trees.


    Suddenly I realized the cherry blossoms seemed to glow, for reasons I still can’t grasp, but was sufficiently inspired to rush back to my studio and add cherry blossoms to the painting.

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