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Life I
  • Life I


    Liao Shiou-Ping

    Life I, 2019

    Silkscreen ( Edition 30 )

    17.5 x 23.6 inch

    44.5 x 60 cm

    • Art Description

      Life I


      Printing: Printmaking


      With the onset of the new millennium Liao initially returned to the joss paper motifs of the 1970s, though treating them in new and different ways. This is an interesting piece of gate series, while presented with a scroll. A scroll is the book ancient Chinese read and write with. This scroll is a book where people could read all of the daily icons, which consist of our life. A masterpiece to collect. 



      Keywords: Gate, Fine Art, Contemporary

      Style: Folk Art, Fine Art

      Subject: Folk symbol

      Medium: Silkscreen

      Material: Paper

      Frame: Yes

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